Botox Clinics in Belfast

Botox Procedure and How it Works

Botox in belfast has become a popular way to maintain a wrinkle-free and youthful appearance. It is mainly preferred by those who want to maintain a youthful look without dealing with surgical procedures such as plastic surgery. If you are considering visiting a clinic for Botox, here is an overview of the procedure and how Botox works.

Botox is a safe and a diluted version of botulinum toxin. It works by preventing the transmission of nerve signals and in turn causing a relaxation of muscles. Upon administration to facial muscles, the drug prevents the muscles from contracting. The overlying skin also relaxes and it becomes flat against the muscles. As a result, wrinkles that are caused by facial muscles contraction are significantly reduced. Botox is used all over the world and it has become popular in the cosmetic market because of how it effectively works. Although Botox works, it is not a permanent solution. Most Botox treatments normally last for 3 to 5 months after which the patient needs to re-undergo the procedure. However, after use for a long time, one can go for up to 6 months in between their Botox schedules.

Botox injections are not given on a walk-in basis but rather by booking in such places as botox glasgow. When going to a clinic for this procedure, the physician will require the patient to first book an introduction and consultation appointment. This is necessary as the patient will be informed about the requirements, potential side effects and the appropriateness of this procedure. A patient required to inform the physician about his/her medical conditions if any, family history and disclose all medications he/she could be currently using. Pregnant women and those who are breast feeding are not allowed to undergo the procedure. The second appointment is the treatment day during which the doctor will administer the procedure. The physician will first mark the injection points on the patient’s face using a washable pen and apply and antiseptic on the area so as to prevent infection. Next, the doctor will inject the diluted botolinum compound into the marked injection points. The injections are administered through a thin, almost painless needle. Since it is almost painless, it is normally administered without using anaesthesia. Botox is a medication that acts very fast and thus, the wrinkles will start to smooth immediately and it will reach its full effect within a week or two.

After the procedure the patient needs to look out for any problems such as swallowing, speaking or breathing. There is a possibility of the medication spreading to other areas of the body causing a general body weakness. In case of such, the patient should avoid driving and immediately contact the physician.

One needs to choose a physician who has great credentials and is well recommended to perform the procedure. There are a number of verified Botox clinics in Belfast that one can choose from Botox Belfast clinic.